Thursday, September 3, 2009

So you think you're H.C.

This class called "Adventure Photography"... it's been a journey. Heath Korvola has been a great addition to the learning experience, and I'm hoping that I will fully utilize all of the information he has been feeding us this week. 

Five days filled with hours of shutter slapping, models, critique upon critique, hungry bees, hungry photographers, and most of all a new game plan. 

Getting there. My trigger finger was perspiring in the heat from lunge after lunge. We don't feel sorry for heat stroke suffering models.

 Remembering we're here for the practice and trying even harder to forget the location, we milked our 30 minutes of shoot time. Milk was a bad choice, but I got a sweet Chaco tan.
This one's for you Kenda.

And so it began. The first assignment of shooting "backpackers" and "campers". Once I got past the not so interesting gear (oh wait, I never did) I fired off not nearly enough shots. Post processing threw me for a loop. I figured I should try and work with some strong colors, but it just didn't feel right. Desat has got the best of me. 


  1. i love the last one, but it has alot of negative space... i'd love to see a helmet? hehe. awesome pics kimber. action shots aren't so easy and you did super duper.

  2. Man, I miss all those fun outdoor activities. The pics look really good!