Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Everyone is Happy (Ever After, After All)

June 11. My brother, John, ties the knot. I can't begin to say how lucky this family of mine is. Elizabeth is just amazing. Amazing! Since John started bringing her around (I was 15) I have been completely in awe of her. She is partly to blame for my British Rock fetish, and not to mention that time 16 year old me strolled out of the bathroom with almost black hair. She has one sassy sense of humor, an unforgivable amount of natural beauty, one of my favorite laughs, and a refreshing amount of poise. She is the definition of ladylike. Most of all she is genuine, and we couldn't ask for more. That makes all of the Ruyle children signed, sealed and delivered. I think we can all take a huge sigh of relief in knowing that our family is complete and very happy so. We are SO lucky! Welcome to the family, Liz! We love you.  

(I stole this image)
Mr. & Mrs. Ruyle session soon to come...I hope. 

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