Wednesday, August 15, 2012


This is my most cherished couples session to date. Obviously I'm biased, but put the obvious aside and you have a handful of my favorite things:
Orange. Triangles. Architecture. The Arizona sky. God's Hour. Moody clouds. Sexy eyes. Wholehearted laughs. Lens flare. Passion. "That look" that couples give each other, especially the one that says "You're a dork, but you're my dork and I love you". Outfits that aren't trying too hard. Oh yeah...and these two people.

You might as well grab a bowl of ice cream and pull on your sweats. This is a chick-flick disguised as a  photo shoot. Happy Wednesday.


  1. aweeesome! the last one is the best one! where is that amazing structure?? and WHEN did you do this - please tell me they didn't wear sweaters in the desert in the heat they've been having down there? Oh yeah..last comment: what got into your family? john and christina's running habits are turning them into ethiopian skinny people - and your muscles...??? what's going on!?

  2. that black and white profile of him is iconic...nicely done lady...