Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hallowed Tribute: Your Obsession & Mine

One year ago to the day instead of celebrating my last hours of the "free" and single life in a typical fashion I joined the family, gathered together our cleverly disguised nieces and nephews, and with delightful glee we scurried around the ever generous neighborhood begging for treats. Without even the slightest hint of guilt I stuffed myself with pizza and candy, got a mere four hours of sleep, painted my toe nails, shrugged at the mirror, got a lecturing for my disorganized extravaganza via the groom, marched into the temple, and 30 minutes later marched out Mrs. Hansen, grinning. Such is the memory of Halloween. 

My skier husband appropriately spent this Halloween backcountry skiing with photographer Jeremy Koons, and I've spent the morning plotting our costumes for the evening. May yours be scary.  

Incase our carvings weren't as successful as we see them...Nate's= Skier on Lift and Mine= Birds :) 

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