Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Everything But The Camera {Do It To It}

I have become a very dull photographer to follow as I have been neglecting my camera, and spending much of my time in front of my computer playing at designing. For those who know me well it is an understatement that I am a control freak. Freak of the freaky-deaky sort. Handing my logo or site over to someone else would only prove painful (photographerzilla). That being said, the website is drawing nearer to completion and I should be able to take the camera off the shelf. I did manage to sneak in a self portrait session to keep from rusting.  

This last image reminds me of the film "I want to live!". :) How very morbid!


  1. This look feels sort of gauze-y and haunting. Can see these printed on a canvas or other woven material and just pinned to the wall.

    BTW, what's the symbol between your names in the logo? Is that a raven?

  2. I would have to agree that they did turn out a little haunting. Hence the "I Want to Live" image that came to my mind.

    The logo is a raven.

  3. awesome work kimber. maybe i need to neglect my camera for a few weeks so i can come up with some really inspired work. keep it up, can't wait to see the next installment.

  4. but kimber, the snow IS here. get off your butt and come ski with us. haha. great images, by the way. i particularly like the framing of the door within a door (pun intended).