Wednesday, January 6, 2010

3 Days of Christmas

Apparently Nate and I were really good this year. Santa found us three times. Visit #1: the Hansen's. Visit #2: our apartment. Visit #3: the Ruyle's. Our cups ranneth over. My coverage appears to have been rather narrow focused and I will have to apologize to all you big kids. Somehow my photos of anyone over four feet tall are few. Here is a collection from visit #1. Jaxson and Kennlyn had me jealous I wasn't a kid anymore.


  1. I took a lot of pictures of the younger folk during Christmas too! They're just so entertaining. The snow pictures below are gorgeous!

  2. these are great kimber. love how much contrast you've captured. keep it up, and if it ever snows again i may have to hit up your leaking air mattress again...

  3. To Ky: who wants a bunch of pictures of cheesey adults who have forgotten how to look excited? Exactly.

    To Chad: we bought a pull out couch for you! You can sit, or you can lay. I'm putting you on the calendar for the next big snow.