Saturday, January 9, 2010

Go Forth & Multiply

Christmas at the Ruyle's: visit#3. I can't remember when all of us kids made it home for Christmas at the same time, but this year was a record. Seventeen was the merry total. I had to laugh when I finished developing this batch (at 2 AM) because of the variety of processing. Who was viewing this as a body, anyway? Warm that scroll finger up, this is a long one. 

This last one was a complete grab shot, and although the quality isn't the best I love the moment.



  1. kim, your photography is beautiful. you have such a great talent. i love how you capture the details.
    sandy (nates cousin on the petersen side...your cousin too now) :)

  2. Cousin Sandy, I'm so glad you like! Thank you. Hope you and the family are all well.

  3. Kimber - You are so talented! I love your blog!

  4. Love these shots Kimber! Hope all is well with you and Nate. Take care. Jimmy