Monday, February 15, 2010

The Elephant Is Still Pink

Maybe it was the bagel I ate for breakfast, or the regurgitated formula that covered my arm during a recent newborn session, or maybe it was the late night consulting my ipod for inspiration. There is still a small possibility that it was the sweet smelling skunk that has found it's home in our apartment's ventilation. Either way, I had an undeniable desire to create, and it wasn't going to be apple pie. Here is my rebuttal. 

Exhibit A: I should have lied?

(You can get a closer look at the above by clicking on the image) 

Exhibit B: You're an Open Book


  1. love that you are coming up with really original and haunting ideas...keep it up

  2. Wow!!! These are amazing. Sure makes a person think! Loving it in a shivers down my spine kind of way!!! Great work!